Day 1, Session 1: Antecedent Manipulations: The Behavior Analyst’s Crack Cocaine! (1.5 hrs)

There is an important role for antecedent manipulations in behavioral treatment plans. Antecedent manipulations can include altering the environment, staff behavior and motivation. This session will explain what antecedent manipulations are and how to effectively use them. In addition, we will discuss problems with over reliance on antecedent manipulations at the expense of teaching skills that will help individuals cope in a broader range of natural environments. The risks of "person centered planning gone wild" will be revealed, and approaches to stretching the potential of individuals to cope with both positive and aversive demands will be explored.

To be discussed:
• Antecedent manipulations: What are we talking about?
• The role of antecedent manipulations in treatment
• Antecedent manipulations AS treatment
• Why are antecedent manipulations so prevalent?
• Person-centered planning gone wild
• Elimination of aversives as antecedent manipulations (or providing constant reinforcers)
• How can we make better decisions regarding the elimination of aversives?
• What is reasonable? What is unreasonable? How else can we deal with aversives?

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