Day 2, Session 1: Breakin’ The Law! Ways to Increase Compliance with Rules and Expectations (1.5 hrs)

Rules are often relied on to control the behavior of individuals with good verbal skills. All too often, however, these rules fail to control behavior, fail to stop inappropriate behavior or fail to produce behaviors targeted for acquisition/increase. This presentation will discuss the role of rule knowledge, the skills necessary to comply with the rule, and the motivation for rule following (as well as the motivation for rule violation). Time will also be spent discussing the importance of contingencies that support rule following as well as the actual construction of the rule.
To be discussed:
• 3 areas that directly affect rule following: knowledge, skills and motivation
• The difference between proscriptive and prescriptive rules
• How to take proscriptive rules and reformulate them as prescriptive rules
• Variables that affect rule following including meaningful consequences for following or violating rules and whether the rule contains a replacement behavior for behaviors that cause rule violation

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