Day 2, Session 2: Whaddya Lookin’ At? Confrontation Seeking (1.5 hrs)

This presentation will present an analysis of what is being called “confrontation seeking” behavior, and suggest potential treatment paths. These are behaviors that all humans may do under certain conditions of aversive stimulation, however primarily seen in higher functioning individuals who are typically quite verbal and social. Dr. Winston will examine the notion that there is an intermittent MO that causes the individual to seek opportunities to be aggressive.
To be discussed:
• Examine the concept of “confrontation seeking”
• Examine the concept of affective vs. instrumental aggression
• Examine the concept of “self-control” as it relates to confrontation seeking
• Draw distinctions between confrontation seeking and general attention seeking/attention maintained behavior
• Provide common examples of confrontation seeking
• Provide suggestions for several avenues of treatment for this particular type of problem

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