Day 2, Session 3: Ethics in Crisis Management (2 hours)

There are numerous ethical issues that arise in the use of restraint that go well beyond whether or not they should be used with persons with special needs. This presentation will address the concept of ethics in general as a subset of “right and wrong” and will also examine the ethics of restraint reduction goals (as opposed to behavioral improvement), the right to effective treatment, the availability of client choice during restraint, and medical clearance before restraint is attempted. There will also be a discussion of the ethics involved in continued restraint in the face of a lack of a treatment as well as the practice of accepting individuals that a program simply cannot adequately serve. Other topics will include failure to use restraint when warranted, and potential violation of civil rights when restraint use is not warranted.
To be discussed:
• How ethics is another variation of right and wrong
• How ethics lies on a continuum of concepts of right and wrong
• Several ethical issues faced by staff, administrators and behavior analysts
• The ethical dilemma of restraint reduction goals and how they may conflict with meaningful treatment
• The ethics of a failure to restrain when it is necessary

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