Registering on the Website as a District Partner

why do I need to register as a District Partner?

If you're a POPARD District Partner, you'll need to register on the website in order to access the forms and other documents you'll need to support your role as a District Partner.

if you are already registered as a District Partner

If you've already registered on the website as a District Partner, sign in using the log in box on the left or click here to reach the website's general login area.

Once you've registered with the website and the POPARD webmaster has set your role as District Partner, you'll continue to have have access to District Partner content every time you log into the website.

To watch a video demonstration, click on this link:

how do I register as a District Partner for the first time?

1. Select 'create a new account' here in the general log-in box.
2. Fill in the account information.
3. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
4. Email the POPARD webmaster, Alexis MacPherson, to let her know you're registering on the website as a District Partner for the first time. Make sure to mention your school district number in your email..
5. An email will be sent to your account. Read the instructions carefully. You'll need to use the temporary password provided in the email to log in for the first time.
6. Return to the POPARD website and enter your username and temporary password.
7. Change your password to one you'll remember.

what if I was registered on the website prior to becoming a POPARD District Partner?

If you were already registered as a regular user on the website prior to becoming a District Partner, the POPARD webmaster will need to update your account to District Partner. Just email the POPARD webmaster, Alexis MacPherson. Or, you can call 604-946-3610 ext 243.

what if I forget my password?

1. Click on the Request new password button found on the login page.

2. Enter your email address and press Submit. It's important that this is the same email address you used when you first registered.

3. An email will be sent to you with your username, a temporary password, and instructions on how to change your password. Read the instructions carefully.

4. Click on the link provided in the email to return you to the POPARD website and reset your account.

5. Under the instructions, click on the Login button.

6. Change your password.

any questions?

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your website account, feel free to contact the Media Technology Coordinator at (604) 946-3610 ext 243 or