Career Opportunity: Family-School Liaison Counsellor

POPARD Family-School Liaison Counsellor

The family-school liaison coordinator will provide families, who have children with ASD throughout the province, with support from a professional who is not directly involved with their child’s education or care. This position will act as a resource and provide a liaison between families, the school system and community resources.

Duties and Responsibility Include:
• Establish positive working relationships with student/parent, school personnel, community organizations, other service providers and professionals in the ASD community
• Provide emotional support to families, being someone to talk to and help problem solve
• Create a range of materials and resources to support families in navigating the school system
• Create a series of psycho-educational training modules for parents or groups
• Assess student and family level of crises and refer to appropriate services when necessary
• Master’s Degree in Counselling or Educational Psychology, or related field
• Extensive experience working with families who have children with ASD or complex needs
• Knowledge of services and supports available for students with ASD within the school system and community
• Knowledge of community-based autism and family support services in the province
• Coursework and experience in reflective listening, school-family conflict, and family counselling
• Understanding of child protection, mental health and crisis resources in the province
• Understanding of how to deal with individuals in stress, and effective ways to support coping

Successful candidates will join POPARD’s Provincial Outreach Team. This position may involve travel within the lower mainland and occasionally across the Province. For information on this position or POPARD, please contact Dr. Georgina Robinson, Principal at
Apply online through makeafuture

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