Student Referral

How do I start the Referral Process?

  1. Ensure that the child in question is of school age and resides in British Columbia, Canada.
  2. Determine if the student is eligible for POPARD Service.
  3. If your district does not appear on the list or your child attends a private school, please contact our office at 604-946-3610.
  4. Contact the District Partner for your school district. (Contact POPARD for your school district's District Partner contact information)
  5. Both the parents and teaching staff must agree that a referral is necessary.
  6. The referral must be initiated by the school, through the District Partner. Parents, social workers, physicians and others must work through the school and the District Partner.
  7. The District Partner will guide you through the process of collecting and/or obtaining diagnostic documentation, and filling out forms.
  8. Once the referral has been approved, the POPARD Consultant and the District Partner will set a date for an initial consultation.